Misalignment is expensive and confusing. It’s also insidious. We use practical tools to help your organization “get a CLU” (Common Level of Understanding) about what drives your business. Through our dynamic workshops, interactive jam sessions and active synthesis, we engage your leadership and staff to uncover, discover, and unleash what makes your business most successful.

Business Model Canvasing

Simply put, a business model is the ways in which you create, capture, and deliver value. The Business Model Canvas helps you visualize your entire model and its relationships on a single page. Our dynamic, two-day workshops are designed to:

  • Rapidly capture the elements of your existing business model – as well as the relationships between them
  • Iterate with potential future models, firing up innovation and experimentation
  • Provide mechanisms to rapidly manage and measure experimentation

Value Proposition Modeling

Using the Value Proposition Model Canvas, we go beyond what customers want and need into what drives them. Worries them. Inspires them. And then we help you convert those insights into compelling value propositions that motivate them to buy your product, engage your services, and deeply engage with your brand. Our dynamic, two-day workshops are designed to:

  • Discover, capture, empathize with, analyze and capitalize upon the needs that drive customer behavior
  • Map “fit” with your current product or a product in development
  • Provide a common language and customer-focus to guide marketing, technology development, and sales teams

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